The Two Non-Contiguous members of the United States – Part 2

The State comprises of hundreds of volcanic Islands that are spread over 1500 miles over the Pacific Ocean. They have been formed as a result of a mantle plume in the Pacific tectonic plate. This weak spot has produced volcanoes and as the plate has moved new volcanoes and lad has been formed as a result of magma forming above sea level.

Volcanic activity on Hawaii is often spectacular

Once volcanoes stop erupting the weathered magma produces rich fertile soils. The islands have been popular places to live on as the soils are naturally rich and people can grow their crops easily. It does appear strange that people want to live on the edges of volcanoes, but today the Islands are home to almost 1.5 million people. This number is considerably swelled by the number of tourists that are attracted to the Islands. The tropical climate, lush vegetation, golden beaches, clear water, rich culture and tasty cuisine combine to make the Islands one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The population of the State is not evenly spread with some of the Islands, having experienced recent volcanic activity, not being as popular to live on as others. However, some tourists are attracted to the spectacular sites of volcanic activity and there are many sites on the Islands where people visit on a regular basis just to see this activity taking place. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu, which is located on the Island of O’ahu and is home to 360,000 people. The Island is only the third largest of all the Hawaiian Islands yet it is the most popular, with almost a million people living there.

Flying onto Hawaii is a great sight

Honolulu is the centre of both administrative and economic business in Hawaii. People travel to Honoloulu first before setting off to the other Islands as it is home to the major transport route ways. The Daniel K Inouye International Airport brings most visitors to onto the Islands and Honolulu Seaport is one of the busiest ports in the whole of the United States. The Honolulu Seaport is separate from Pearl Harbor which is home to the United States Pacific Fleet. It was the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in 1941 that was the catalyst to bringing the United States into the Second World War. Honolulu is an economically thriving city and is ranked as the second safest city to reside in the United States. The Islands benefit from lush agriculture, a huge tourist industry plus its location in the Pacific Ocean makes it a major trading centre.

The increase in high tech industry has seen many companies locate on the Islands as it is such an attractive place to both work and live in. The culture of the State is unique as no other region of the country has such a Polynesian influence and the popularity of Hawaii remains as high as it has ever been.