The States and their Films – part 2

There have always been a number of films set in the capital city Washington DC. Every time a writer of producer wants a government scandal then they are sure to head towards the Whitehouse. The iconic government buildings makes a big impact on screen so the film makers are always keen to include a picture of it.

The unbelievably haunting “The Blair Witch Project”

However, Washington isn’t in a State, it is actually in the District of Columbia squeezed between the States of Maryland and Virginia. Maryland was the setting for one of the country’s most popular horror movies, “The Blair Witch Project” which was filmed in 1999.

Few movies have cost less to produce yet have earned so much at the box office. It cost 30,000 US dollars to release the film yet it grossed 140 million dollars at the box office. Despite many sequels that that tried to copy its style, no movie got any near the impact that the Blair Witch project had on its audiences.

Many movies have been filmed in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada but none have come closer to representing it better than “Ocean’s Eleven” which was released in 2001. The all-star cast, that included George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, managed to paint the real picture of the gambling capital of America, whilst telling the story of one of the biggest ever robberies.

New Hampshire is the 5th smallest State in the country and its wilderness feel was reflected in the 1991 film “What about Bob?” In the movie a patient from New York City follows his psychiatrist on a weekend break to New Hampshire as he attempts to take advantage of the peace and calm of the area.

“On the Waterfront” with Marlon Brando

The beauty of the film is that many people in New York do have psychiatrists and many people do head to New Hampshire to take advantage of the peace and calm that is created by the forests and the lakes. Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus headed the cast in a picture that truly reflected the tranquility of the State.

New Jersey is a state that has been sung about on many occasions. Bands like “Bruce Springsteen and the e Street band” have recorded numerous records that have been dedicated to the urban decay and industrial decline of what was the centre of the industrial revolution in the country.

Many films have also tried to tell the tales of hard ship and criminality that have emerged from the region, but none have done it better than “On the Waterfront” which was released in 1954. Starring Marlon Brando the story is set against an atmosphere of corruption and distrust, as the unions come into conflict both with their bosses and also each other.

However not all States are represented by such depressing but classic movies. For many people the one movie that brings images of Kansa is “the Wizard of Oz”. Filmed in 1939 the Walt Disney classic and its yellow brick road, is set in Kansas. The magic of Hollywood was that the imaginary characters were so lifelike that people truly did believe that they were in Kansa.