The States and their films – part 1

There are a number of States that have had numerous films shot on location in their region while there are others that are not so popular with film producers and directors. The contrasting physical features of many of the States means that the film makers rarely have to leave the country in order to use a natural geographical feature.

Perhaps the most common relationship between film making and location is the temptation to shoot movies in one of the popular cities. Once again theses cities are so different in their physical make up that the particular city chosen is specially designed to suit the film. For example San Francisco and San Diego maybe in California yet the shape and features of their city is totally different.

The amount of films shot in California is as high as any State. There are such a wide variety of landscapes to take advantage of and with Hollywood located just outside of Los Angeles it is natural that given the option film makers would prefer to stay in the State.

Forrest Gump wearing the colors of “the Crimson Tide”

One film that was shot in a variety of locations in California was American Gigolo staring Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton. Released in 1980 the films plot was followed mainly in Los Angeles, but it also took the pair to Palm Springs.

At the other end of the scale there are not a large number of movies made about Alabama, but in 1994 one of the most successful films of the year was Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks. Although the film was filmed in a variety of locations his accent was of a local boy from Alabama.

In the movie his plantation home was in the fictional town of Greenbow in Alabama. He was playing football for the University of Alabama football team “The Crimson Tide”. Even though many of the scenes were shot in Carolina the film did promote Alabama.

The wild barren featureless tundra and ice of Alaska was ideal for the shooting of the 2002 film Insomnia. Hilary Swank plays a local policewoman who, with the help of detective Al Pacino, is trying to capture a serial killer.

Combining shooting in the wild with also being on location in the small town of Nightmute the film was able to use the scenery, the people and the almost 24 hour daylight to create a scary feel to the movie. The success of the film owed much to these unusual features combining so well.

The Famous scene “From Here to Eternity”

One of the romantic classic movies to be made was “From Here to Eternity” which was released in 1953. Starring Burt Lancaster And Deborah Kerr the film is best remembered for the young lovers splashing in the Hawaiian waves, and the film brought the attention of the romantic possibilities that were possible on the Pacific Island.

Coming so soon after the end of the Second World War, the film went a long way to rebuilding Hawaii’s reputation after the horrors of Pearl Harbor. The success showed what a successful film can do for a state as this had a positive impact on Hawaii’s tourist industry.