The Sportiest State in the United States

Most American are sports lovers. They will have their favorite teams, or even individuals, and will follow them avidly. The sports media coverage in the country is intense, which gives sports fans day by day updates of how the different leagues are progressing.

Yankees Stadium New York

To make a claim that there is one state that is not sporty would be a huge generalization as there would be many people in that region who be as enthusiastic as any sports fan in any other part of the country. There are certain states where one sport is the most popular one in that area. This may be as a result of that area having a real good team located within its boundaries.

The sports franchises in the States can be rather nomadic. They can travel from state to state leaving behind one set of fans to go and search for another set of fans. The LA Rams are currently playing their home games in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum but in the next two years they are relocating to Las Vegas.

They started at the Cleveland Rams in 1936 before moving to Los Angeles in 1946, then the following year to Anaheim. In 1994 the side went to St Louis in Missouri and then returned back to Los Angeles for the 2015 season. This can have a huge effect on the state’s sports fans to see their team disappear hundreds of miles away. The major population areas undoubtedly attract the most professional sports teams. New York is the most populated metropolitan region and it supports 11 professional sides that play Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer.

The New York population demand success from their teams and their clubs are known around the world. Sides like the Giants, the Mets, the Yankees and Jets don’t need the city’s name to be named in front of them for people to recognize where they come from.

The city is also famed for its international marathon that is run each November, and tennis fans make their way to Flushing Meadow each August to watch the US open. New York is a sports crazy city yet there would be other states that would question whether it is any more enthusiastic about sport than they are.

The Los Angeles Lakers

This is certainly the case with Texas and Florida. The region is famous for its love of Football and in 2015 of all the players playing in The NFL 11% of them came from Florida and 9% came from Texas. The high school football is so popular in the region that they provide most of the players to the University teams around the nation.

The climate in the south gives these states an advantage over the other regions that suffer regularly from cooler weather. The summer feeling in 2017 was enhanced by the baseball team the Houston Astros who won its first World Series final after defeating the LA Dodgers.

If a good climate helps sports teams then that must be behind the secret of the sports franchises in California. The state has 14 teams shared between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The state has a good balance with some of the strongest football teams being located in San Francisco while Los Angeles is home one of the country’s most successful basket teams the Los Angeles Lakers.

The large numbers of Mexican migrants in Los Angeles has seen the MSL increase in popularity, with the city’s own soccer team the LA Galaxy having some of the highest profile players in the world. The culture of California is one of freedom and health. The beaches of the region are packed with surfers, and the attraction of the beach motivates people to lead healthy lives.

The outdoor gym at Venice beach and the pathways along the beach from Santa Monica are full of people exercising and staying in shape. As well as the state producing many sports fans it also has a population keen on participating in sports-based activities