The Northern and Southern Distinction of the United States

An invisible line differentiates the blue collar North side of the United States and the homestyle comforts of the South. It is easy to tell where an individual is from by how they order their Tea. Southern states have a good old fashioned thick Sweet Tea while Northerners prefer to add their own sugars or drink it plain, condensing it to “Iced Tea”. In most cases, unless you travel or have an extension to the other side, residents have never even heard of options noted as Sweet or Iced Teas. Interestingly, this also offers a perception as to other differences between the North and the South. From dialects to lifestyle, there is a clear distinction among the two halves of the country.

Northern and Southern Dialects

It is simple to listen to the dialect of a person and know if they are Northern or Southern. There are variations among each, however the baseline remains the same. Northerners speak with a precise enunciation adding an emphasis to letters depending on their location. In the South, they are known for having a drawl. Words will tend to have different sounds, meanings and slang than those of the North. An example of this would be Wash (North) and Warsh (South) or Creek (North) and Crick (South). There is also a difference in terms such as soda vs pop and dinner vs. supper.

Northern and Southern Hospitality

The South is known for their friendly disposition and manners. They are polite and welcoming to most they come across. When you venture North, you will find a call before you come by mentality. They have a stricter sense of boundaries. They are polite and mannered, however different from the openness of the South. Another distinction noticed references the disposition and tactfulness of both directions. Northerners are cautious and direct in their conversation style and Southerners avoid offending others with a laid back demeanor.

Northern and Southern Lifestyles

The cost of living is comparably less in the Southern part of the country. The wages are higher as you head North due to the economic strengths of industry and businesses. Unemployment is notably lower in these areas as the South have fewer jobs available. The climate is much warmer than the cold Northern winters allowing for diverse year round activities leading Southerners to be well versed in the outdoors. Southern regions are famous for vacation spots, celebrity sightings and the beach side style. Northern yards vary with four seasons and harsher weather patterns. From beach houses to cape cods, the housing market per square footage is reduced in comparison to the upper states on the map.  Advancements with technology and business innovations are typically found along Northern borders, raising values and economic strategies.

The beauty of the South has a calming pace in contrast with the quick moving trends in Northern areas. The two Tea drinking sides of the United States have their own scenic views and settings. Is Sweet Tea better than Iced Tea? The answer is a matter of preference and which side of the Tea line you call home.