The Most Violent States

The United States has a reputation for high crime rates and shooting incidents that occur in the city areas. As a result of the country’s gun laws fire arms are easily available on the streets and barely week goes by without news agencies reporting a violent crime in one of the country’s major cities.

One of the disadvantages of being populated from such a wide variety of countries is that the United States has seen crime that has been initiated by overseas violent gangs. The Mafia has always been active in the country as a result of so many people migrating from Sicily.

The recent legal and illegal migrants from Central and South America has resulting in an increase of those countries. With the illegal importing of drugs such as cocaine and heroin each city appears to have a sub-unit acting on behalf of the drug lords.

The Mafia in the 1930s

Even without the influence of the overseas gangs the states have had enough of its own problems in the old inner-city areas where industries have closed and now there is major poverty. From these poor areas many social problems have occurred and the creation of local gangs has fueled firearm activities.

The country isn’t new to these problems. In the 1930s the Mafia controlled a number of cities and there were regular murders and shoot outs. Then the problem wasn’t caused by a desire for cocaine and heroin but a desire for alcohol. It was during the years of prohibition and the mafia made it a business concern to locate and bring in the alcohol to numerous purchasers.

Baltimore in Maryland is a fine example of an old industrial city that now has huge social problem as a result of the closing down of the city’s major industries. There a number of high poverty neighborhoods which are controlled by local gangs.

The murder rate in the city is well above the national average and has been for the past 20 years. Despite several initiatives to cure the problem 2017 saw the city record its highest figure with a rate of 57.8 whereas the national figure is only 5.7.

Almost matching Baltimore’s figures is St Louis in Missouri. There are a number of different neighborhoods in the north east of the city that are poverty stricken. They are controlled by the drug gangs and the murder rate is on a par with Baltimore. The situation is made worse by the fact that it is so easy for the people to get a gun and every one in a gang possesses one.

Another southern city with a high murder rate is New Orleans in Louisiana. This has been happening for so long that it has been given the title of the “murder capital of the United States”. Many people can’t understand why other cities with a similar size and similar social and economic problems, do not have the same murder rate as New Orleans.

The poorer areas of Baltimore

One of the main reasons has been put down to the poor level of education in the area. Not every neighborhood has the same high numbers of murders but the ones that are serviced by poor schools do. Mix this with the areas suffering from great poverty and the stress results in violent crime. Another problem is that 56% of the black population of the city is unemployed and this has heightened racial tension.

Detroit in Michigan has one of the highest murder rates for one of the country’s largest cities. The city grew as a result of its car industries, but over the years many have closed leaving certain areas of the city in poverty. The murder rate is high as a result of the loss of life in the mainly poorer parts of the city. The victims of the murders are generally from the same areas, so it is in fighting that is causing the high rate. Certain areas are controlled by local gangs and their fighting for territory has resulted in there being so many casualties.

Many of the most violent states in the country maybe far apart geographically, but share the same reasons for their problems.