The Largest States

There are a number of states in the country that are extremely large and their economic GDP’s are larger than many individual nations around the world. The largest state in the country is Alaska and it was purchased off Russia for 7.2 million dollars back in 1867.

It covers an area of 1.71 square kms and in the region live just over 741,000 people. If it were a separate country it would be the 9th largest in the world. It is the least populated of all of the country’s states but this is hardly surprising considering the dominance of wilderness that presides in the region.

It is bordered by Canada to the south and its furthest southerly point is 51 degrees north, which means the area experiences arctic weather conditions throughout the year. Almost half of the population live within the Anchorage metropolitan area with Anchorage city having just over 311,000 inhabitants. The capital city however, is Juneau with a population of 31,000.

Anchorage the largest city in Alaska

The economy of the state relies on its oil supplies. The only agriculture the region produces is for self-consumption and the industries with the main area all tend to be service, administrative or one that feed off the oil industry. The one expanding area is tourism as the state is starting to make the most of its environment. The Second largest state is Texas which has an area of 695 square kms. No state could be any more different from Alaska than Texas, as being situated in the far south of the country it experiences a warm climate which its natural vegetation reflects.

As well as being the second largest in terms of size it is also the second largest in terms of population, as there are around 28 million Texans residing in the state. There are ten cities with populations of over 250,000 inhabitants. The capital city is Austin with a population of almost a million people but Dallas, San Antonio and Houston are larger.

Houston with a population of 2.3 million people is the largest city in the state and the 4th largest in the country. It grew as a result of the discovery of oil in the area and many of the world’s major oil producers have their company’s headquarters based in the city.

This is a beautiful picture to all Texans

Oil has proved to be a massive economic boost for the state. Originally money poured into the region as a result of its thriving agriculture and in particular its cattle. Oil and its other natural resources has cemented the regions reputation as one of the most economically affluent states in the country.

Another state with a thriving economy is California which has a 2.75 trillion US dollar economy. If it were a country it would have the fifth largest economy in the world. It is also the third largest state in the country with an area of 423,000 square kms and within the state live 39.5 million people making it the most populous state.

The state has many major cities with ten over 350,000 people.  The largest city is Lost Angeles with a population of 3.96 million people which makes it the second largest city in the country, after New York. The capital of the state is Sacramento which has a population of 493,000 residents.

The popularity and success of the state has been as a result of a variety of factors. Considering it is located on the far western edge of the country it was the last area that people started to colonize. However, lush soils and a great growing climate produced a thriving agricultural industry.

The discovery of gold and other minerals in the region had people flocking in looking to make their fortune. The ideal deep sea water ports at San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco attracted industries into the region.

The establishment of Hollywood on the edge of Los Angeles had people and service industries becoming established as the film industry flourished. Finally the age of the high tech industry has benefited this region better than others, with the creation of major industrial parks such as Silicon Valley.

With tourists pouring into the state each year economic success has been easy to maintain.