Seeing The World in a City Block

Traveling around the world gives you an exciting opportunity to experience a melody of cultures. Diversity is the foundation of the United States bringing an eclectic mingling of tradition. Large cities are the main hub for exchanges of ideas, tastes and ideologies from several varying backgrounds. Interestingly, when you visit a city such as New York or Chicago, you will find entire neighborhoods that have transformed. The many languages spoken, and daily customs bring together individual societies within a few miles radius.

Touring the town so to speak is similar to a trip across the ocean. There are a number of opportunities to explore on any given day. Differing ethnicities have brought a perspective of their homelands that contribute to the colorful quilt that America is known for. You will notice a concentration of shops and lifestyles that keep the traditional aspects of the locals heritage.

Fine Fares

Every region on the globe is famed for their finest fares. You are in for a treat when visiting a restaurant or eatery in a collaborated neighborhood. Recipes and flavors that are handed down generationally are served with pride. You are able to dine with any country in mind. Renowned places include Little Italy, Chinatown and Polish villages along the way. Be prepared to uphold specific customs such as shoe removals or the particular order a meal is served. Authenticity is in every dish making them a popular spot for both travelers and residents who live nearby.

A Time for Shopping

There is no need to fly halfway around the world to find trending items from another country. Many of the stores and shops along the city blocks are made in true fashion or directly brought from their origins. If you find yourself in the midst of a certain cultural are of the city, chances are you will also have your pick of genuine goods for sale. As people move to the United States, they are able to contribute arts, crafts and pieces that are typically found in the country they derived from.



With the spectrum of ethnic backgrounds in cities across the U.S., a freedom of religion and beliefs are celebrated. Holidays and events that are indigenous to other nations are often recognized in the states. Parades and celebrative gatherings are welcoming allowing everyone to participate. Tourists, visitors and neighbors enjoy the day while integrating cultural principles to their itinerary. It is common for routes or streets to close to vehicles opening a safe space for the festivities.

If you are hoping to travel the continents in a matter of days, U.S. cities will be a perfect destination. From coast to coast, there is a place for everyone to see. Indian Square in New Jersey, Greektown in Maryland and Little Brazil in Massachusetts are a few cherished favorites. Whether you are in California, Chicago or New York, exploring the wonders of the world in the neighborhood will be an unforgettable experience.