Is Everything Bigger in The Unites States?

Based on observation, there is an opinion that everything is super-sized in the United States. If you were to do a side by side comparison, U.S. sizing would make some places look like a Barbie play set. While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, it is true…. things are larger in the states than anywhere in the world. When talking with tourists, you will hear exclamation points placed after each astonished description on how LARGE various items are. Americans carry a motto of “go big or go home”. This seems to also apply in the day to day lives of U.S. households. There are several categories in which the US clearly takes the cake when it comes to the Size of the matter.

A Larger List

Foods- It would seem the obvious place to start is in typical U.S. portion sizes. Unless you are receiving a four course meal, you can expect a filled plate to dine on. In lieu of grains and vegetable being the star of the show, in America you will have a heaping serving of meat  and likely a form of sauce or gravy to go with it. Vegetables are more expensive in supermarkets and are often an optional side on restaurant menus. The same rule applies to beverages that are served in large cups with a big sign hanging over head stating, “free refills”.  Appetizers a plenty and desserts galore, the country has the reputation for eating in American style.


Appliances- If you look at the difference in appliances from the U.S. to other countries, there is a vast difference. Refrigerators come as tall and wide as can fit in the doorway. Shelving and storage compartments make it easy for a weekly grocery haul that is a part of the normal itinerary. The term Family Size comes into play for many common items such as food, dryers, washers and televisions. The neighborhood laundromat inspired the triple load capacity that is available for the everyday laundry room at home.

Traveling- Roadways and highways are big enough to accommodate the many trucks and SUVs that travel on a daily basis. There are city busses and trains, however America is just starting to economize fuel and travel the way other countries do. Walking is not common, especially in rural areas. Larger cities have several lanes to ease the chances of a traffic jam. Smaller economy cars still rank low on the list with a higher rating for larger vehicles.

Stores – Malls, grocery and retail stores are a regular stop for Americans. From mom and pop shops to big box super centers, you can buy based on brand or price. The typical store in the U.S. is much larger than their counterparts overseas. Farmers markets are far and few in between making grocers the main food source. Instead of shopping fresh foods every few days, it is common to make a list, check it twice, clip coupons and get it all at once. This routine has exploded the growth of the frozen food section. Many households have a deep freezer for meats and other items making it easier to buy in bulk. America is full of diverse lifestyles and customs. The country is known for their innovations for both the home and businesses alike. Bigger may not always be better, however it is almost a necessity to have. Americans work several hours a week which creates a cycle of less time equaling the call for Large innovated conveniences and an even larger need to enjoy their day off.