Celebrities That Reflect the Stereotypes of Certain States

A stereotype is a widely held and over simplified image of an object or a person. Usually comedians and other entertainment presenters have highlighted the typical people that reside in a certain country. They actually can even look into a country and identify certain stereotypes that reside in its different regions.

Matthew McConaughey looking like a Texan

The United States has such a wide variety of States that is the perfect country to look at and identify the stereotypical people that live there. Sometimes it is quite difficult identifying the stereotypical American as they can all be so different. The accent is the easiest way to do so, yet someone from New York sound very different than someone from Texas.

One of the most famous Texans is actor Matthew McConaughey who has starred in many television series and movies, and now even produces films when his other commitments allow him the time to do so. His effervescent personality is very much one expected from someone born in Uvalde within the heart of the State.

Texas is famous for country and western music and one of the biggest genres biggest stars, Willie Nelson looks, and sounds looks like a Texan and that is because he was born in Abbot in 1937. As well as having homes in several different locations he has always had his Texas ranch to go home to.

New Jersey is not the largest state in the country in fact it is only the 47th largest state but it is one of the most densely populated. There are over 9 million people who are crammed into the region. It has strong industrial area, squeezed between New York and Baltimore and has produced many personalities that have emerged out of its entertainment industry.

Bruce Springsteen’s early records were based around living and working in New Jersey. He was also accompanied by Jon Bon Jovi who was born in Perth Amboy. They both prove that the older industrial areas of a country are often the breeding ground for the country’s next generation of rock stars.

New Jersey was also the birthplace of Frank Sinatra who was born in Hoboken in 1915. His parents were both Italian immigrants and Sinatra throughout his career tried in vain to distance himself away from the Mafia. New Jersey has been home to numerous Italian immigrants and many of its residents have been pigeon holed as violent criminals.

Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta two actors from New Jersey starring in “Goodfellas”

Joe Pesci was born in Newark to Italian parents and has played violent characters in “Raging Bull” and “Goodfellas”. Jack Nicholson was born in Neptune City and has made a career out of playing characters with dark mood swings that have often turned into psychopathic tendencies. Nicholson’s father has Italian blood and one again there seemed be a connection between the State and actors capable of playing violent characters.

A State that has a wide variety of images is California. It is often associated with swinging 1960s and there a lot people associated with the music that have been born in the State. The Wilson brother made up the Beach Boys who were the founders of Beach Rock. The family lived in Hawthorne in California and their records were closely associated with the sun and surf of California.

The wonderful climate of California is responsible for the State having a reputation for health and sport. Mark Spitz sent the 1972 Olympic Games into shock when the swimmer, who was born in Modesto, won seven gold medals. Just as successful as Spitz, but on the golf course, has been Tiger Woods was born in Cypress California. So far won 14 major championships which is only 4 behind Jack Nicklaus and he still has time left in his career to pass that figure.

The Southern States have been associated with many figures that have grown fighting for the equal treatment of the country’s Negro population. The State of Georgia was the birth place to Dr Martin Luther King, the activist who was assassinated in 1968 in Memphis. He was born in Atlanta and spent his life for fighting for equality in the country.