Animals Roaming Free in the United States

The United States has a fair share of zoos to visit and preservation sites that serve as a safe haven for wildlife. From coast to coast famous parks and exhibits are displayed for animal lovers all over the country. You can find a plethora of species and creatures on the roster at any given time. Aside from the vast growth and development of rural regions, there is also a range across the nation of animals that continue to roam freely. Different parts of the Unites States offer a specific climate or habitat that allow certain animals to thrive beyond a cage or barn.


You may not be able to say Lions and Tigers when searching the countryside, however, bears on the other hand are quite prevalent. The Northern parts of the country to mid-coast lines are the most popular places for bears to live. Wooded areas and fish filled waters make a great setting for their survival. Residents and campers often report seeing them in the trees with a few known to wander into towns looking for food. Polar Bears are prevalent in the Alaskan wilderness while their counterparts stay south of the ice.


Imagine waking up to see a massive moose standing outside of your cabin window. This is a familiar site to those who visit or live in various states. Alaska is a moose mainstay alongside Maine which is on the Northeastern side of the map. Moose are an average of 6 or 8 feet tall and 6 to 10 feet long with an antler span of 5 to 9 feet wide. They do not only prefer the cooler North as many live in the midwestern sections of the United States. Wisconsin and Minnesota collaborate all the way to Colorado with moose in the wild.

Alligators and Crocodiles

Southern states boast a warm and humid climate. The atmosphere invites alligators and crocodiles to enjoy the swampy arenas. Ranging from Texas to Florida and all of the states in between, alligators or crocodiles are synonymous with the waters. Differences in behavior and chosen habitat set the croc and the gator apart. They are measured an average of 10 to 15 feet long and have the jaw power comparable to a few thousand psi.

Wild Horses

Horses are a symbol of freedom and beauty in the wild. They stand tall and proud while running in the fields. Arizona, Montana, Utah and North Dakota are popular states to find them in nature versus on the farm. Horses can grow to be much taller than the average human with unimaginable strength due to their muscular structure. Their manes blowing in the wind is a spectacular site that cannot be missed if visiting the region.


Although most Bison are protected in parks and locations, this list cannot be completed without the American National Mammal. The Bison has lived on the lands since prehistoric times and has claimed a top spot as one of the largest animals to Live in the US. They have almost a 2,000 pound average weight with plenty of shaggy fur. They are a Buffalo type mammal who reside in several states. Due to a mass massacre of their species in the 1800s, efforts have successfully began returning their numbers to the population.


Animals of all sizes live in the wilds of the United States. It is important to keep safety in mind if you encounter animals on your journey. Each state or region has their own environmental factors that will create a home for an array of wildlife adding to the enriched diversity of the country.