Month: May 2018


Celebrities That Reflect the Stereotypes of Certain States

A stereotype is a widely held and over simplified image of an object or a person. Usually comedians and other entertainment presenters have highlighted the typical people that reside in a certain country. They actually can even look into a country and identify certain stereotypes that reside in its different […]


The Most Violent States

The United States has a reputation for high crime rates and shooting incidents that occur in the city areas. As a result of the country’s gun laws fire arms are easily available on the streets and barely week goes by without news agencies reporting a violent crime in one of […]


The States and their films – part 1

There are a number of States that have had numerous films shot on location in their region while there are others that are not so popular with film producers and directors. The contrasting physical features of many of the States means that the film makers rarely have to leave the […]