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Types of U.S. Immigration Visas

People who want to reside permanently in the United States, whether they intend to work there or not, must obtain an immigration visa. To obtain a long-term card of a resident (also known as a Green Card), you must fill in a petition for an immigration visa. A person with an immigration visa who has […]

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US Companies and The Digital Industry

The digital revolution has turned the world of business upside down. That is also proven by the United Nations Digital Economy Report of 2019. As a result, a total of seven companies from the United States and China dominated the global market. At the same time, the gap between the dominant companies and the rest […]

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Seeing The World in a City Block

Traveling around the world gives you an exciting opportunity to experience a melody of cultures. Diversity is the foundation of the United States bringing an eclectic mingling of tradition. Large cities are the main hub for exchanges of ideas, tastes and ideologies from several varying backgrounds. Interestingly, when you visit a city such as New […]

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The Mid-West States

There is a group of States in the north of the country that together are known as the Mid-Western States. The definition tends to vary with some including States as far south as Mississippi but the easiest way to clarify the mid-west is to take the definition used by the census bureau.

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